Switching Gears

Alright, let’s change things up a bit! The blog took a bit of a hit with me finishing up senior year and applying for college and graduation and all, so now that I am a freshman again, and all settled at the University of Texas, let’s try this again.

I’ve got several things to share with y’all (like the accent?). Some will be little adventures that my UT people and I find ourselves on (and boy are some of those interesting…), some will be excerpts from the book I am writing about my family dealing with the wonderful combo of my unfathomably ADHD brother and Tourette Syndrome (yes the “I have a bomb!” incident in the airport will be told), and some will be my writing just for the sake of having fun, like the older posts on here. I promise we will have fun together, with so many adventures to explore. I’ll see you soon, I’m glad to be back!

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